Client Case Studies

Chamber of Commerce

The Issue: Client was having trouble with machines that they recently purchased through their previous IT company. Their previous IT company informed them that they would come to fix them at an additional cost. The client had one machine fixed. Not only did it take several days to complete the repair, but it cost them the same amount they originally paid for the machine six months prior.

What We Did About It: The client enrolled in Phoenix Technology's MSP program. They had a couple of the same systems fail and rather than fixing these machines that kept failing, we advised that The Chamber order new machines with 3 year warranties for all repairs. This ended up costing significantly less than the other "fix". The machines were installed and all data migrated at no additional cost under the MSP Program, and we have been maintaining their technological peace-of-mind to this day. 

Electrical Contractor

The Issue: The client had a server that was 6 years old and they told their current IT provider that they would like to replace it. After a couple of weeks, the company finally sent out a technician to look at the server. They then received a quote via email to replace the server and backup for over $14,000.00- for this company of less than 10 users. They asked if there was a less expensive alternative and were told there wasn’t.

What We Did About It: The client contacted Phoenix Technology Group and set up a meeting to discuss all of their business needs for this new server and backup. After reviewing their needs Phoenix Technology Group provided a proposal that was $6000.00 less than the current IT provider's proposal. Phoenix was hired to install the new server and during the installation process discovered that the old provider had not performed any patching of the server for over 2 years. After the successful migration to their new server and backup environment, the client enrolled in the Phoenix Technology MSP program.

Law Firm

The Issue: The client is a growing law firm in a office building downtown. They enrolled in the Phoenix Technology MSP program because they were having some issues with computers. The client had many users that could only connect via a wireless network, but it was hard to connect.

What We Did About It: Phoenix came in and performed a wireless survey of the office and determined that the office was over saturated with wireless signal from the apartment complexes that surrounded the office. Phoenix recommended that they completely cable the office to reduce the amount of wireless users on the network, and install a commercial grade wireless access point (WAP).

The client was moving to an new office in the near future and did not want to spend the money on cabling they would have to leave behind so they just installed the new WAP. The problems diminished but not all of them went away. The client moved to a new office and had Phoenix Technology Group cable the entire office. The office was just down the street from the old office and the wireless network was just as saturated as before. With the new cabling and the upgraded WAP, all of the problems that they had been experiencing in the past were now completely gone.


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