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SDA Annual Conference 2022

It was our pleasure to attend the Special District Association’s Annual Conference this year! Although we work with special districts, this was our first time attending the conference. Here are some highlights from the trip!

The first day started off on an inspirational note as Anton Gunn spoke on what makes a great leader. A memorable moment was when he mentioned how he encouraged his brother to go into the Navy. His brother died in a terrorist attack shortly after enlistment, and Anton subsequently felt a mountain of guilt for doing the encouraging. He spoke with a friend of his that told him “Anton, the light will knock you down! But you better land on your back, because if you’re still looking up, you can get up!”

We were sure to catch Streamline’s seminar on Cybersecurity (can you guess why?)

We found their tips to be very similar to our advice. Some of them included enabling 2-Factor Authentication as well as keeping passwords protected and updated using a password management tool. They spent some time going over what phishing is and how to spot it in an email. They shared some tips about how to verify wire transfers and keep third parties from sending fraudulent email in your name.

All good stuff! We will be honored to join Streamline in the vendor room next year to further support Special Districts in their technology and security needs!

If you are part of a Special District and you need assistance with your website, find out more about Streamline by visiting their website.

We thoroughly enjoyed the mindfulness tips from Dr. Jannell McAuley as well as the belly-laughs that erupted during Laurie Guest’s keynote on leadership and fun!

Overall, Keystone and the SDA Conference were a blast! We can’t wait to meet you all again next year!

Local legend Randall McKinnon rocks it with a local SDA member, what a show!
Local legend Randall McKinnon rocks it with a local SDA member, what a show!


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